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Just a quick introduction, UNIVERSEAL IT were established in 2012 and we have been in the outsourcing market for the past 09 years offering Business Process Outsourcing Services to our clients and have built our business on quality services and we UNIVERSEAL IT is now a global provider of Contact Center Services for all English speaking countries mainly Canada, USA, UK & Australia in their time zone with 24/7/365 support. We are committed to make a positive impact on our clients’ business through our top notch management members who are experienced in BPO solutions for more than 09 years. Our registered head office is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also center operates in Toronto, Canada and New York, USA for the international market.

We are always ready to provide big, smart, well trained and professional helping digital hands to our valued clients to maximize their business growth and make their life stress free and to be relaxed; we are always ready to take-over all the hard and time consuming work for you.

We have all latest IT equipment , international dialer, high speed internet, back up internet, also backup power generator, server in Singapore and backup server in Germany, so we are all equipped to serve all over the world 24/7 .

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As we are International Contact Center and doing Lead generation, telemarketing, sales, order processing, customer care, appointment fixing, survey etc. We are growing big now. We are open 24/7/365 and have facilities for 10 to 50 Employee in every shift with experienced in Lead generation, telemarketing, sales, order processing, customer care, survey, Outbound Telemarketing, Appointment Setting, Cold Calling, virtual assistance services etc. 

Feel free to contact us for your need to maximize your business profit and growth, we are flexible to help. 


We are in the sector around 11 years now and all of our employees are well educated and trained, every team is supervised by Team leaders and supervisors, and the amazing fact is all of your haired agents will work under one roof so no chances of data breach or information leaking or lazy work and it is possible to give you our CC camera access that you can always watch what is your hired employees under us are doing.

Our HR and RND team works all the time to Maximus the best use of time and resources regarding the particular projects and provides daily, weekly and monthly real time report of the project and everything in it. We train our agents first on the basis of your training documents and then you or someone from your team can do the final training and test prior to start live work if required.

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