Rebate Claim Entry

We are very expert in back office related data entry and data management work. We have done a large volume of Claim Entry of mail in rebate for Good Year, Yokohama tire, COOPER, LAUFEEN, Alcon, Dunlop, GE, Vogue, NOKIAN , FRIGIDAIRE, NECO, BOSCH, ELECTROLUX, HANKOOK, WHIRLPOOL Etc many large companies.

We work for 2 shifts every day 9 hours each 7 days a week, 365 days a year (24/7/365), we provide our clients monitor real time their work and staff they hire with facility to train for your own kind of projects & software. We are happy to help.

Back Office / Virtual assistance / Data entry

Universal IT is one stop solution for all your virtual need. We are always ready to provide big, smart, well trained and professional helping digital hands to our valued clients to maximize their business growth and make their life stress free and to be relaxed; we are always ready to take-over all the hard and time consuming work for you. We can do any large volume of data entry and data management work.