We are very experienced in Call Center Industry for Lead Generation, outbound sales, appointment fixing, Telemarketing, answering services, cold calling, survey and In-bound customer services. We have world class calling agents and Virtual Assistant. We can operate 24/7with facility of 50 to 100 seats for any projects and we are flexible to expand according to client’s needs.

Some of the Projects we have done as follows:

Buletproof Suspention (B2B Lead generation, USA),

Deluxe Windows and doors (B2C Lead generation Canada-7.6 years + Running),

Trust Windows corporation (B2C Lead generation Canada-5 years)

HVAC (B2C & B2B Appointment settings Canada- 3 years + Running),

Duct cleaning ((B2C Lead generation Canada-2 years),

Green Solar (B2C & B2B , appointment settings , Australian, 2.6 Years)

Janitorial services (B2B, Appointment settings, Australian, 2.6 Years )

Marchant Cash and Capital (B2B Lead generation, USA 7 Months ),

ComEd (Energy deregulation sales campaign, USA, 2 Years )

Survey campaign (Canada 9 months),

Motion Telecom, (T-Mobile Contract sales (UK- 3 Years B2C), Orange mobile Contract sales 2 years, Uk, VodaPhone Business contract sales (UK- B2B)